Field Technical Support

Technical Support

With passion and determination our field Technical Support Specialists (TSS) pursue laboratory operational excellence.   Typically, our Technical Support Specialists come to work for Stago following a  career as a medical technologist or supervisor of a  Hemostasis laboratory.  With their extensive laboratory experience, they are able to provide customized solutions for your laboratory’s needs while acting as the very best resource for technical information.  All Technical Support Specialists are intensively trained in compliance with Stago ISO 9001 Certification and international standards for the highest quality service.

How can our field Technical Support Specialists support your Hemostasis lab?

  • Help identify the optimum coagulation testing solutions for your environment
  • Correct reagent handling, interpretation of test results, troubleshooting and specialty coagulation test applications
  • SAVOR program on-site instrument training assistance and methods validation support  
  • Provide method validation and lot conversion protocols 
  • Provide ready to print CD with statistical analysis of data from Method Validation and Lot Conversions
  • Collaborate with laboratory, pharmacy and nursing to institute new ranges and testing guidelines
  • Education of laboratory personnel, physicians, nursing and pharmacy on new parameters and/or standards of care
  • Collaborative team approach to on-site troubleshooting
  • Proficiency Testing Program to help ensure quality results