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Diagnostica Stago Announces Canadian Launch of its Second Max Generation Analyzer, the STA R Max®

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July 4, 2016, Toronto, ON Canada – Stago Canada, Ltd./Ltée. announced the launch of the STA-R Max® Haemostasis analyser, the newest member of the Max Generation family of Haemostasis analysers.

The STA R Max® is a high-volume, high-efficiency analyser that embodies Stago’s standardization of methodology, software, reagents, and consumables. Built on the most reliable platform in the industry with an expansive test menu, the STA R Max® is the perfect Haemostasis partner for high-volume and reference laboratories performing routine and specialty assays.

Interference free Viscosity-based Detection System (VDS), exclusive to Stago, is at the heart of the STA R Max® providing maximum sensitivity for weak clot detection and insensitivity to interferences ensuring reliability of results. The STA R Max® enhances efficiency with features including the largest sample capacity in the industry and true STAT sample priority.  Optimized random access test management provides maximum throughput for specialty and routine coagulation testing.  With the most TLA connections worldwide, the STA-R® family of analysers is the industry leader for total laboratory automation (TLA) connectivity and throughput.

STA Coag Expert® software integrates over fifty years of Stago coagulation expertise into every STA R Max® system.  The STA Coag Expert® automates laboratory processes such as multi-dilution factor assays, automatic reflex testing, automatic repeats and delta checks to ensure standardization and efficiency for routine tests, as well as specialty assay results. Integrated accreditation tools, automated maintenance logs, integrated video tutorials and five years of patient and QC archives stored onboard ensure industry leading tools for regulatory compliance. The STA R Max® with STA Coag Expert® equips laboratories with an easy to use system that ensures efficient, reliable results the first time, every time.

 “The STA R Max® answers the needs of today’s laboratories to do more with less and deliver the maximum clinical value for patient management.  Focused on enhancing efficiency and productivity, Stago has created an analyser that is a true Haemostasis laboratory partner.” said Tom Lawlor, COO of Stago North America.

About Stago Canada, Ltd./Ltée.
Stago Canada, Ltd./Ltée. is the exclusive provider of the Diagnostica Stago Haemostasis product lines in Canada and offers a complete system of coagulation instruments and optimized reagent kits for research as well as for routine analysis. Stago Canada, Ltd./Ltée. is the Canadian affiliate of Diagnostica Stago, S.A.S. France, a leader in the development and manufacture of Haemostasis products. For more information about any Stago product or service, please call 1-888-283-0175 or visit our website at www.stago-ca.com.

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