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Clarity Peer Group Program for Stago Customers

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Clarity for Stago customers is a fully web based peer group program. Today’s fast paced and hectic diagnostic world demands a product that can quickly identify shifts, trends, and allow for immediate corrective action. Clarity provides all of this and more.

With patented error-checking software, Clarity offers the lab the peace of mind that values entered into the peer group pool are accurate and meaningful.  The Clarity peer data pool will never be littered with data that is non-relevant.

In addition to clean data and many useful and necessary features, Clarity also offers custom peer group creation.  Are you a member of a large hospital group or healthcare system?  If so, we can create a group for you that is all your own!  Not only can you evaluate your own daily and monthly QC data but you can also evaluate the data produced by your overall group and know how your lab, your group, and the peer group compare.

Contact us today for more information about the Clarity Peer Group system by sending us an email at:  Ouvre une fenêtre pour la rédaction d'un mailclarity@nullus.stago.com  or visit us on the web at Ouvre un lien externe dans la fenêtre courantewww.stago-us.com